Ways to Combat the Mid-Afternoon Slump

Ways to Combat the Mid-Afternoon Slump


Like clockwork, the mid-afternoon slump hits you. That sluggish feeling has you dozing off at your desk, and struggling to stay alert. Whether it be from low sugar levels to plain old exhaustion, our tips to combat the mid-afternoon slump will banish that monster into oblivion.


Tip 1: Vegetable Juice

Vegetable JuiceDrink fresh vegetable juice to shock your body with a nutritious and energy-packed burst of vitality. Vegetable juice helps eliminate toxins from your body, while feeding your cells. By juicing, your body is able to digest and absorb all the nutritional benefits without overworking your digestive system.


Tip 2: Control Carb Consumption

Control Carb ConsumptionConsuming carbs is tricky because on one hand they provide your body with energy, but on the other hand, some carbohydrates can be heavy and make you feel sluggish. The real trick is to differentiate between simple carbs and complex carbs. Your body burns simple carbs such as processed foods and sugary drinks quickly; while, complex carbs, such as whole-grains and nuts take longer to digest. Consuming low-glycemic carbohydrates will provide your body with energy, rather than spiking sugar levels, then crashing, which in turn makes you feel tired.


Tip 3: Give Your Eyes A Rest

Give Your Eyes A RestEyestrain from starring at a computer screen all day long, definitely adds to the mid-afternoon need for sleep. Eyestrain makes your eyes feel tired, in turn, tired eyes hint overall tiredness to the rest of your body. In addition to keeping your eyes a safe distance from the screen throughout the day, step away from your desk or look away from the screen for a few minutes to reenergize your eyes.


Tip 4: Move Around

Move AroundGet up and move! Literally walk away from your desk. A change of scenery may have the possibility to boost your productivity. Try doing some work at a coffee shop or at a conference room table. Make an effort to work near a window, so that you can get some natural sunlight, which helps keep you more alert. Hopefully, our tips help you combat that pesky low-energy crash. In addition to our tips, add some Stacker 2 Energy Shots and Stacker 2 Energy Supplements to your daily routine to give you an extra burst of energy to be more focused, productive, and energized throughout the day.