Top 5 Ways to Be More Focused

Top 5 Ways to Be More Focused


Living in this age of modern technology, where information is coming at us from all directions, it can get a little bit overwhelming, and naturally we can tend to lose focus. Thanks to the palm-sized computer we call a “phone,” we are constantly sending and receiving information via calendar alerts, texts, emails, social media, websites, and more. Just when we are focused on one thing, another thing comes along. Seeing this in our everyday lives at work and home, it is no wonder why our focus levels are down or all over the place. We all want to be more efficient and have the ability to tackle our daily “to-do” lists. So, here are the top 5 tips on how to become and remain more focused.

Start your day early

Start your day earlyWe all have heard that age-old saying, “The early bird gets the worm.” Well, that is pretty much true. Getting an early start to your day will allow you to prioritize and become more focused. With less people around you, and less incoming distractions during the early hours, you can scratch things off our your private and work “to-do” lists in a flash.

Step outside

Step outsideLiterally, step outside, and take a quick break, to refocus your energy and thoughts. Take a deep breath of fresh air, enjoy the warmth of the sun, or go for a brisk walk. Being outside, in a new environment, is the mental break you need to recuperate and come back more focused and with a renewed source of energy to get your tasks done.

Put a halt to multitasking

Put a halt to multitaskingMultitasking is seriously getting in the way of our ability to focus on one task at a time. By avoiding multitasking, we are giving our minds the ability to focus and accomplish our goals more thoroughly. Our brains are wired to handle one thing at a time, when we multitask, we spread our thoughts too thin, and barely scratch the surface of what needs to be done. Focus on getting one thing done at a time; once you finish one task, you can move on to the next. Remember it’s not about looking busy; it is about the completed outcome.

Add exercise to your daily routine

Add exercise to your daily routineOur bodies are meant to be active. Physical exercise works hand in hand with mental vitality and our ability to focus. Try incorporating 30 minutes of activity into your day, and you will see your productivity levels and ability to focus and remain focused raise through the roof.

Get some sleep

Get some sleepWe are living, breathing organisms, not robots. Our bodies need to sleep, in order to recharge our energy levels. When we recharge out bodies our mental clarity and focus recharges as well. Try getting a full eight hours of sleep, and you will definitely notice a difference. Over time, these tips will become second nature. However, if you are looking to jump start the process of becoming focused, try combining our tips with Stacker 2’s Energize Stack, which showcases Stacker 2 Extra Strength Energy Shot and Stacker 2 Energy Drink. These two fast acting, non-habit forming products along with these tips will have you tackling your “to-do” list and more.