The world’s strongest fat burner

Yellow Hornet (20 Capsules)


Yellow Hornet (20 Capsules)


Get stung by the latest addition to the Stacker2 hive of products. Yellow Hornet combines the raw power of Yohimbe with the added benefits and energy of Yerba Mate & Capsaicin. You’ve got a winning combination. Yellow Hornet is without a doubt the most potent boost of energy around! Check out what the buzz is about!

  • Formulated with Yerba Mate, Capsaicin, and Yohimbe!
  • Burn Fat!
  • Boost Metabolism!
  • Increase Energy Levels!

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Yellow Hornet (20 Capsules)

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  1. All good

    All good!!

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  2. Buzzing with Yellow Hornet

    Yellow Hornet is a great product. I find myself buzzing through my day and workout with ease. I’m also loosing body fat, and gaining lean muscle too. Win win!

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  3. yellow hornet

    I’ve used the Yellow Hornet for a couple years off and on. I increases my running distance by 20%. I’m more alert at work during the day and in college at night. Occasionally I’ll feel slight nerve spasms/twitch so I’ll stop using it for a day or so. I only take one a day, for two is too much.

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  4. Would like to receive asap.

    Been using this particular Stacker 2 product, & find it to be the best!

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