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Stacker 2 Extreme Energy Drinks 12oz (12pk)

Stacker 2 Extreme Energy Drinks 12oz (12pk)


By popular demand, the delicious Stacker 2 Energy Drinks are now bigger and better in 12oz cans.

The mouthwatering, pulse-pounding flavors of Enraged Raspberry, Sinful Citrus, Pounding Punch, Gyrating Grape and Kickin Classic, will leave you energized for hours! All flavors are now available in Sugar Free versions.”


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Stacker 2 Extreme Energy Drinks 12oz - Sugar Free Pounding PunchStacker 2 Extreme Energy Drinks 12oz - Sugar Free Kickin' ClassicStacker 2 Extreme Energy Drinks 12oz - Sugar Free Sinful CitrusStacker 2 Extreme Energy Drinks 12oz - Enraged RaspberryStacker 2 Extreme Energy Drinks 12oz - Pounding PunchStacker 2 Extreme Energy Drinks 12oz - Gyrating GrapeStacker 2 Extreme Energy Drinks 12oz - Kickin' ClassicStacker 2 Extreme Energy Drinks 12oz - Sinful Citrus

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Weight 10.2 lbs

Pounding Punch, Kickin Classic, Enraged Raspberry, Sinful Citrus, Gyrating Grape, Sugar Free Pounding Punch, Sugar Free Kickin Classic, Sugar Free Enraged Raspberry, Sugar Free Sinful Citrus, Sugar Free Gyrating Grape

Customer Reviews
  1. Too big of a can

    I liked this product because it tasted good and came in a small can (8.7 oz) now that it no longer comes in a small can I’ll discontinue buying it. I don’t want a large can & don’t need to waste what I buy

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    The Kickin’ Classic version of this drink if (expletive) great. Take it to more stores!!

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  3. Caffeine MG

    Hello, I can’t fjnd anywhere on the can of stacker2 the caffeine percentage. Do you know what it is? I see warning labels on these to not consume more than 1 every 6 hours, I have somewhat a caffeine addiction and a can of monster has about 160-150’s depending on the rehab tea and original carbonated version and I’m able to drink two of those in a row with no issues. These however (stacker2 extreme energy) I do not wanna consume more than one without knowing for sure the caffeine content. I doubt they have more than monster, but I don’t wanna take a risk.

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  4. I finally found a label

    To the guy that was asking about caffeine content, I think it is 105. I finally found info here.

    Review by

  5. Sad

    Love love this drink, and it’s being pulled from my only local store, please make more widely available

    Review by

  6. I can find ur drinks in my area to buy n have trouble finding them onlime

    My favorite drinks

    Review by

  7. Caffeine

    from customer service chat: If you have the 12oz energy drink, it will have 116mg of caffeine per serving

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  8. No caffeine amount on STACKER 2 EXTREME ENERGY 12 FL OZ

    I enjoyed, but I feel they definitely need to label caffeine amount, I’ve read a review saying there’s 116mg, maybe that’s true and that’s the best I got to go off currently, but with my experience it honestly feels like there’s more.

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  9. Caffeine content

    Hello this is for the ones asking for the amount of caffeine in these stacker 2 drinks.. the guy above was correct, it took forever to find this info… and it shouldn’t have… 💭 it is 105 mg caffeine per 355mL can

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  10. Coupons

    I absolutely love these. I was wondering if you could send me some coupons

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  11. Awesome

    My wife loves these, she buys them every chance she gets. She swears by them. Great product for a picky woman

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  12. Tastes Great

    I found this drink at dollar tree. It tastes great and is super cheap.

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  13. Tastes great!

    Highly recommend this drink (pounding punch)

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  14. Taste is amazing & not medicinal with the vitamins in it

    I love the taste. I picked up a few at the local grocery store, Woodmans and I love them. All the flavors are great. I wish I had suggestion that they would add, it is to put the caffeine on the nutrition label. I want to make sure that this is not overdone as almost all things now tend to have “energy” or caffeine in them, so knowing the content would be helpful. Thankfully, the others that have posted the reviews, also have shared the content of the caffeine, but having it on the label for someone that is looking to purchase this, it would be helpful. I almost didn’t purchase this and purchased one that had caffeine content per can amount on the label. We all read extreme energy and that things have caffeine and other natural energy, but having the content would be nice, especially if you are like me and drink lots of caffeine. One doesn’t cut it, so knowing I need to pick up 2 for one on the way into work and one for the 9am break would be nice so I don’t have to make another trip to the store =)

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