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ReFuel-RSQ Intra-Post Workout Pink Lemonade 325g


ReFuel-RSQ Intra-Post Workout Pink Lemonade 325g

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Stimulant-Free Intra/Post Workout Formula!

• Powerful Post Workout Recovery Formula
• 5 Grams of BCAA’s in a Proven 2:1:1 Ratio
• Block Cortisol – Speed Recovery and Muscle Growth
• Promote Hydration
• Zero Sugar – Zero Carbs

ReFuel-RSQ is an exclusive post workout recovery formula, with key ingredients that will promote recovery, decrease post workout soreness, block cortisol release and improve hydration! With a potent BCAA complex with a proven 2:1:1 ratio, phosphatidylserine, a well-known, powerful cortisol blocker, glutamine and creatine, this innovative formula will speed recovery and have you back in the gym ready to hit the weights again with a vengeance!

Plus, ReFuel contains zero sugar and zero carbs – this means no post workout sugar high followed by the inevitable crash. Additionally, ReFuel RSQ sets up better absorption of your post workout, protein based meal – which you should have within one hour of taking ReFuel RSQ.

Not just for hardcore bodybuilders, ReFuel will benefit all hard training athletes – whether you train for strength, endurance or both! So no matter what your sport, you can see improved results from this advanced state of the art recovery formula!






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