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B12 10,000% + Extreme Energy (96 Capsules)


B12 10,000% + Extreme Energy (96 Capsules)


B12 10,000% plus Extreme Energy will help you maintain good health for a lifestyle of exercise, rest, and healthy eating. Healthy eating helps you acquire the vitamins and minerals you need to develop a strong immune system. However, eating healthy is not always easy. That’s why Stacker2 has developed a new shot to help supplement what you may be missing in your daily diet. Stacker2 B12 provides 10,000% of the recommended daily values of vitamin B12.

  • Boost Energy!
  • Build a strong immune system!
  • Stay Strong!
  • Stay Healthy!

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B12 10,000% + Energy 60ct Bottle

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Customer Reviews
  1. Five Stars

    This is a good product, have used it for about 3 years now.

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  2. One capsule works for me when...

    Great product when used with a time released lower mg b12 product. One capsule gives me a full day of energy to do the cleaning or yard work or whatever I want without tiring. No need for additional caps. This keeps my head clear which is what I really needed.

    Review by

  3. Best Bet

    I feel the energy from these. Best B-12 out on the market…

    Review by

  4. stacker 2 b12 capsules,

    I must say I didn’t think this product worked. I tell you the first day I didn’t notice anything ,but that second day .I notice how I energized I felt, my appetite was not shooting through the roof and no cravings. which is a plus for me. Basically I wanted more water to drink and usually after meals I want something sweet to eat. Since I started taking the STACKER B12 I am hardly ever hungry .

    Review by

  5. I start every day with one!!

    They keep me going all day long, I have two jobs, 6 horses, 2 dogs and 5 cats I take care of and a not very well husband, and I’m 78!!

    Review by

  6. do NOT take if u have ADHD

    I have ADHD and I took one and my god it just makes me super anxious and sick feeling. I didn’t take anything with it. I then learned that if you have ADHD, these can have adverse effects.

    Review by

  7. Tramendous Energy

    Wow ! Tramendous energy from these Stacker B – 12 capsules. I even feel like playing baseball the way I did 25 years ago.

    Review by

  8. I’m using stackers B12 for working out

    Works very good no bad crash

    Review by

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